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If you are a freelancer, own a SME or are part of a corporation we can help you build your website so your company has the presence online to the standards your visitors expect.

All our websites are working fantastic on all platforms and are hosted on our own infrastructure and are managed 24x7

This is why you choose:

I want a new .website

Webhosting & eMail Included

At many webdesigners you have to choose your own hosting company or they choose one for you, often they even offer their own hosting as a reseller, meaning they do not own the hardware nor are managing it. This is where I want a new .website is different as other webdesign agencies, we are part of 040Hosting a global webhosting company. So you only have 1 point of contact for your hosting and website needs. Our services do include email, webmail, statistics, domain registration, SSL certificates and more.

Needing your own server ?

In most cases you will not need your own server, our general packages use our shared hosting platform, which will reduce your cost but does not make your site less secure. At 040Hosting all packages are located within their own protected environment thus making sure your site is secure. But if you need a dedicated environment we can of course assist you as well. We provide our services out of our datacenter facilities in the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom, United States, Singapore and Australia.

Which package fits you ?

and what will it cost ?

All packages are inclusive Webhosting, Domain, eMail and technical updates. Your website online and build without worries.

What we mean by  …

Webhosting included: With many design agencies the hosting is not included or a side service they offer, often as a reseller at a webhosting company. With us at iwantanew.website this is not the case we are owned and operated by a global webhosting company ( 040Hosting ). So we have all the technical knowledge in house !

Technical Support: So your website is ready, cool, till you get in the office on Monday and you see your site is hacked. Because building a good website online does not stop when the site is ready, you will need to manage, update and upgrade your site daily or in the very least weekly. We take care of the technical updates and upgrades for you as well as part of our services. We check your site multiple times a week for you, so you do not need to worry.

Responsive: A responsive website will adjust itself automatically to the screen size of the device visiting your website. Here at I want a new .website we go one step further, we can adjust the content shown on different devices per page as well. Sometimes you may want to limit or even show different information on a computer screen as on s smartphone device. Think about large texts which are rarely read on a smartphone but may be an asset for someone looking at your site from a laptop.

Our Options

Because when building a website you always may want or need some additional services we placed some below for you to add on to your quote request. If you do not need them you don’t pay extra, and if you need them you see how transparant our prices are. This is how you know exactly what you can expect at I want a new website.


To get your site found well in Google we offer Search Engine Optimalisation, of course we already build in a lot of standard SEO in the website so google find you easy, but sometimes it is also important to look more indept and build your SEO from ground up. This way we can assist you to build SEO keyword specific for you.

EUR 75,00 a month


Sometimes you want to know if your site or a service needed for your site is working 24×7, by means of Text messages, Email or even Voice calls we can alert you when something is not working properly. Our monitoring sevice is working 3 different continents to check your reachability.

as from 5,10€ a month



If you do not have text content for on your website we can provide you with a group of experts which can write the website text content for you. As this is a very personalized service we can’t put a price tag on this, but feel free to mention your needs so we can contact you related to this service.

on request


Need some extra domains (TLD’s) or you want to transfer some of your domains to us, we have extensive knowledge and experience  managing large domain portfolia for enterprise clients. Additionally we can register more as 548 different TLD’s from the standard .com .net .org .nl .be .eu but also the new TLD’s like in example the .website TLD.

as from 7.49€ a year


Creating a new logo; or upgrading your current logo is what we do, we will let our team of 5 different designers work on your logo, after you choose the logo which fits best with you we will continue to build on that logo just as long as is needed to get your perfect logo.

one time fee of 219,00€


So your website is ready, but after a while you need some adjustments on your website.  The site is already handed over to you, but you do not have the expertise or time to adjust it yourself, in such case you can pay us per hour to change the site to your needs.

75,00€ a hour (minimum 15min intervals)


SSL Domain Validated (DV), Organization Validated (OV) en Extended Validation (EV)Certificaten are available through our SSL Partners like Comodo, Symantec, Thawte, RapidSSL en Certum.

as from 10.00€ a year


Adding the right Photo’s or Illustrations to your website is making it look more complete and professional. But photo’s and illustrations can’t simply be copied from the internet you often have to pay a licensing fee, we work together with several photo stock websites to be able to provide you with quality images and photos.

On Request


While our systems make automatic backups it is always highly recommended to make your own backups, from out control panel it is very easy to create your backups, but if you like to automate this or you want the backup to be automatically also stored offsite we recommend our external backup service by Dropmysite.

as from 23,00€  a year


If you need additional help on a regular basis after the website is handed over you can use our prepaid card for 12 hours. Each tick gives you 1 hour of support on your website. (Minimum of 15min intervals) The prepaid card is valid for as long your host the service with us.

700€ per card (12 uur)


Want to make your own changes in the sytem? That is possible, with this course we teach you the ins and outs of our content management system. It is required you are familair with computers and have a bit of experience with making/managing websites.

175€ a Hour (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Outside the Eindhoven area the pricing is on request.


Building your new company (startup) but need help with setting up a good IT infrastructure, in that case we can help ! Together with you we will look what are your needs and what you will be needing in the future.

700€ per half day (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
Outside the Eindhoven area the pricing is on request.