I want a new Website

Our websites are build in the popular and professional WordPress CMS. Which makes it possible to easily adjust and update your own website in combination with our designed website.

This is our Story

Let us introduce ourselves,

As a web hosting provider we are already in business for more as 15 years under the name 040 Hosting. In these years we see more and more requests by clients to build a not so expensive website which they can update themselves.

As we saw the rising demand we decided to extend our services and offer web design services under our new brand “I want a new .website”. So as from now you can find everything you need from hosting to design at one place. Fast & Easy.

We work for everyone, from statups to small to medium businesses but also Enterprises.

  • If you are a plumber needing a new site
  • a shop owner in downtown and want to open your online doors ?
  • an administrative company
  • or you have invented the latest VR gloves

Everything is possible. As IWANTANEW.WEBSITE is working closely with 040Hosting we can provide you with a compleet offering, from website to the right technical infrastructure needed for your site. Of course we use the latest and fastest servers with the latest security tools.

If you have any questions, please get in contact with us, we are glad to assist you.

Building your online indentity

How to use our services for your brands indentity,

There is nothing so important as being found online by your potential customers, not only through the webbrowser on your laptop or computer, but also on tablets and smartphones. Your new site needs to provide your information in the right way on each of these devices. Did you know that most websites are viewed 3 times more by mobile devices as with a normal desktop computer  ? Or even more important that visitors which can not load the site correctly on their device will be lost forever ?

  • Customers like to quickly check your opening hours.
  • Search for your phonenumber or contact details.
  • Or just want to quickly see if you offer what they need.

In many cases you do not even need a very large website as long the client can find the basic information he or she is searching for. So for some an online-business card would be sufficient, the other needs a bit larger and more content for the clients to find what they need. Look at what you would need on the website if you are the client, of course we can advise in this as well.  To have a website which is working on all devices is no luxery anymore but a necesity.

To build your own website and to keep it up to date can cost you a lot of time, especially if you need to start to worry about the technical ins and outs of security of your site which is available 24x7.

This is where IWANTANEW.WEBSITE comes in !, we build, secure and keep your site secure.  Please let us know where you are looking for and we can assist you with improving or bringing your site online.