I want a new website

Includes Webhosting, Email and Domain, hosted by the experts of 040 Hosting. Technical website updates included every week.

Fast and Quality Website, build with care.

Want to develop a new website, at I want a new website you are at the right address, We build professional websites for everyone. Not only is the website build by professionals also the web-hosting is in the best experts hands as we are part of 040Hosting. This gives you the best experts for your website and webhosting needs in one place. More as a thousand clients from all over the world did work with us, from small to large international companies.


Easy to use

The CMS we use at iwantanew.website is based on WordPress one of the largest CMS systems which is kept up to date continiously by its developers and of course we make sure we update your site continiously as well. Many large companies use WordPress which is not a miracle it makes it easy for clients to update but also the management of it is a breeze i.e. for making your site easy to be found in google.

Super fast Webhosting

Your website will be placed on a super fast and modern platform which uses all the latest technology  (like SSD disks, HTTP2, SSL and Imunify360 to just name a few) but it is also managed by the same people which develop your website, a guaranteed match ! The hosting account includes statistics, email, webmail and security updates.


Always up to date

Besides the security updates and upgrades of the webhosting system, which is provided with these updates 24×7 and includes even zero-day protection. But we also update your website will be continiously updated by our hosting experts so you do not have to worry. Even in the event something would go wrong you easily restore the website, as you have easy ways to create a full backup of your account, so you can be online again in no time.

Your website as from € 150,00

Your new website online within a week ? in most cases this is possible. Here at i want a new website we build a responsive website with an unique look and feel for your business, so that your website will look great and professional on the big screen as well on the screens of your Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.


More as Responsive Design alone

While many web designers are still busy with only making sites fully responsibe we are one step ahead and are able to select which data you want or do not want to show on different devices.  Our design is adjusted to the medium your visitors use, if it’s on their large computer screen, laptop, tablet or smartphone. This way your can keep your visitors focus where it belongs.

Standard good SEO

Search engine optimalisation or in short SEO is no magic, companies promissing you the first link in google can’t even get their own company on the first page in many cases. But what is true is that you need to start building your site SEO friendly from the start. So from the start you design the site to the content of the site, this is part of a good SEO strategy. Here at Iwantanew.website we make sure you get started well so your site for example can be easily be found in google.

Our Approach in 4 steps

Our approach is fast and to the point, that is why we can build your beautiful site fast.


2. Deliver your Content

3. We built your site

4. Testing and Online